In the interests of sharing some insight into what it means to be ‘sangha’, please enjoy these short extracts of speeches given by Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru:

“All Sanghas must join together with the essence of complete surrender being of one spirit within, keeping to the point, completely accepting the Guru, reciprocating the Maitri feeling; in other words, the connection between the Guru and disciple is joined together with faith, trust, and devotion acting as assimilating links”

“The Guru himself will take complete responsibility for all the formations of the Sangha from now on as these relationships are extremely sensitive and at times there are bad feelings”

“As the Guru expands the Sangha, the Dharma will be spread, not a throng of people, otherwise the Guru Dharma cannot be assimilated and arising adharmic questions can never be answered”

“Being called Sangha, one must be as a beacon of light, of one form and one feeling, without defilements, favoritism and discord”

“The Guru has his own duty, towards the disciples, towards the Sanghas, towards all existence, towards the Gurus”

“The Sanghas have to be able to realise the Guru’s dignified, celestial, peaceful, calm and seemingly controversial presence”

“But again, believe the Guru and you will follow the form of the Real Sangha in front of the True Guru, and you will be freed from the worldly ocean of illusion”

“The Sangha is expanded only on one out of two paths: is it the True Path or the False one?”

“For the Sangha finally to be called by this name, the essence of these precepts must be in the Sanghas, otherwise, the Sangha as such cannot be observed to be called by this name”

“To cultivate the precepts of the GuruMarga, the Sanghas adhering to the path of True Dharma accomplish their responsibility and duty towards the Guru, the Dharma, and the Sangha with complete dedication”

“To expand the Sangha of Maitri free from defilement, one has to be determined; none other than by embracing this path will the Sangha be welcomed”

“For empowering the authorisation of the expansion of the Sangha and Dharma, the Guru is delivering the Dhamma Letter certified by himself”

“All Sanghas depend upon themselves”

“Believe the Guru and the Sangha will get the complete benefit of this opportunity”

(January 28, 2012)

“In order to establish the Law of the Dharma in the world, it is important to be completely faithful and dedicated to the Guru and equally so to the Sanghas as well”

“But to face or overcome those Dharma-opposing Tatvas by being truthful with mind, body and speech is another personal dharma and duty of each of the Sanghas”

(April 2012)

“And the fragrance of the moral excellence of the Sanghas must be in the spirit of mutual loving kindness and togetherness”

(February 22, 2014)