International Maitri Sangha Speak Up


On Tuesday the 9th January 2024, members of the Nepal Police and CIB (Central Investigation Bureau) broke down the front gate of the house in Kathmandu where Dharmasangha Guru was staying, with hatchets, and entered the home without prior notification or Court Warrant, to remove Dharmasangha Guru. They put the Bhagawan Guru in handcuffs and dragged Him out of the house into their van and police custody. More information on this unjust event, along with the perpetuating defamation and persecution of Dharmasangha Guru over the many previous years, is available in the online petition:

In this video, international sangha from all over the world speak up, sharing their feelings, views and heart-felt devotion to Guru.

If you would like to record your video you are welcome to do so and send it to us.