The life journey of every person is very special. It seems that we lead the life’s ship by ourselves, but I feel there is an even stronger power which is leading us. It’s like the Ocean in which our ship is sailing. Meeting with Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha Guru was like a meeting with this overwhelming Power, which gives life for all living beings.

The journey towards the Master began in Sikkim in a very old Buddhist monastery, where one man just gifted me a book about the boy who was meditating in the south of Nepal without food and drink for a long time. In that moment I did not know that 6 years had already passed from the time when He started His liberating meditation.

When, with the great help of others’ generosity, I finally reached the camp of Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha, I was walking the last 100 metres to the gates without shoes, just holding the tears within. The intensity of feelings manifesting within were incredibly strong.

From the first meeting with the Master I was feeling very shy being nearby Him. Most of the time I had my eyes closed while approaching Him for the blessing. I felt a great power radiating from Him towards the space and all of us. Master’s teaching about unconditional love for all living beings, including animals, plants and human beings, was very familiar to me. I felt as if it should be like this from the beginning of time.

The first Maitri Puja, which was led with all the Sangha from all over the world, was like an endless celebration.

Even though we were reading prayers in (unknown to us) Tibetan language, it was more than inspiring to be One with everyone. Everybody was happy; monks and nuns, Nepali people, us, foreigners, even the beautiful jungle looked even more shining. The Puja was giving a feeling of melting into the Ocean of Life, where you do not need to control your life; where there is no need to worry. You just feel happiness being as you are, being loving, smiling, celebrating the Life.

Maitri Mangalam! The immense gratitude for the Master!
May everyone always be happy, always be free and loving!