“A Flavor Of The Maitri Bhavana” by Jyampa Namdha


It was in May 2009 when I had been following the news and astrology. On a Monday evening at about 6:30pm, an emerald green meteor would move against the natural force of the solar system and brush by the Saturn and continue with enough continued momentum to move the opposite way out of the solar system. So, I led a Kundalini Kriya class with 21 others sitting in a circle focused upon receiving the blessing coming to the Earth. Everyone was totally into it, breathing and holding different postures, as it felt this day to be some sort of miraculous alignment for the Earth, DNA upgrade, or karmic imprint in which I attribute to a dream near in the future.

It was not for about a year or more that I finally realized my arrival to Guru is something much deeper than can even be expressed in these short words. His presence seems to answer every question I have ever had, yet he speaks very little, my soul feels fulfilled in a way it has never felt, my eyes have no doubt in what they have witnessed. As I tip-toed to the Maha Sambodhi for my first time the only words that echoed through my mind were:

“My mind reminds me of a lacking”

So I sat with that amongst the immense silence in the jungle as the rest of the Sangha continued to sit around the giant, canopied Banyan tree. Within such presence I quickly realized that releasing of preconceptions and letting go of personal fulfilment, I let go into the feeling, into my heart, into the nature of being the love for all others. This soon we would learn to be the Maitri Bhavana which seems to be something that resonates so deep within me since the arrival and the meeting of Our Holy Beloved Eminent One Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha. A certain patience, a certain knowing like none other rest deep within, an inner peace.

Endless Thanks to Countless Beings for the Opportunity to Be the Embodiment of the Maitri Bhavana As One Holy Compassionate Awareness Emanating the Entirety of Time and Universes Beyond Universes.

~ Maitri Mangalam ~

Jyampa Namdha (Aadi Baba),