“My Journey To Guru” by Jyampa Pakme


marty-donelly-jyampa-pakmeTo try to capture the depth of what Guru means to me in this short message will surely be impossible, however let me start by saying that my life has been transformed very significantly during these past 5 years from an egoic, ignorant and selfish based consciousness into something which now holds a very pleasant feeling of loving kindness, benevolence and unification.

This is not to say that this pathway has been an easy one though. For there have indeed been many times when I have felt that every single part of myself is being broken down piece by piece as I am guided towards a higher sense of purpose, love and truth in my life. I am sure there is much more learning, growing and transformation still to come!

I feel extremely grateful, honoured & blessed to have found this Maitri Dharma and the Guru again in this life and I wish to thank Guru from the depths of my heart for helping to guide us all towards this new vibration of loving kindness, compassion and unity. I bow down to this most blessed Guru with devotion, faith and surrender and with an intention to open up and radiate this beautiful Divine Tattva for all to benefit from throughout the entire creation.

Like many spiritual aspirants, my journey to Guru started through suffering as I developed an incurable muscle dis-ease in my mid-late 20’s. Through this suffering, I was guided towards learning Reiki as a way to heal myself, learning about working with energy based healing, mantras and working with a Guru through Tibetan Buddhism. During 2009, as I was giving a Reiki session to someone, Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha appeared in a vision to the recipient and passed on the message that I still had a long way to go on my journey towards light.

When this person shared their vision with me, I didn’t place much weighting on it at first as I had no idea who she was talking about. After all, I had never met a young Guru from Nepal with long black hair wearing white robes and shining a bright golden light from His heart, so this didn’t really click for me at the time. However it was only a few short years later, when I was doing a tantric meditation retreat in Lumbini that I met my soul brother, Jyampa Dorje, who opened his heart to me and shared his heartfelt understanding about his very special Guru – Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha.

It was after this beautiful reconnection with my brother that I knew I needed to visit this Guru in the jungles of Nepal. My arrival in Ratanpuri coincided perfectly with the completion of Guru’s 6 year meditation in Halkhoria and I will never forget the first time I saw Mahasambodhi Dharmasangha as he sat there peacefully by his awe-inspiring tree. As I laid eyes on Guru, I immediately felt tears welling up in my eyes. The tears seemed to come from a deep feeling of compassion, love and a purity that I had never felt before. I immediately knew that I had found the true Guru and started prostrating with the utmost respect and devotion!

The two weeks of Maha Darshan that was to follow changed my life forever and having found this Guru, I decided to devote the next two years of my life to doing intensive meditation retreats as I offered myself and surrendered to Guru.

After this time, as I was considering becoming a monk, I was guided to meet my soulmate, Gerry, who again changed my entire perspective on this vibrational shift in consciousness as we were guided very beautifully to bring through and offer a series of energy based healing systems for the new era. I feel so incredibly blessed now that I can share this beautiful, divine and sometimes challenging pathway with my best friend and amazing life partner for the ultimate benefit of all.

We are both continuing our work to help and assist Guru in whatever way we can to help bring freedom and liberation to all beings throughout the infinite Lokas.

May we all be filled with love, wisdom, peace, joy & happiness and may this beautiful Maitri Bhav be radiated & offered freely for the liberation of the infinite all!

Jyampa Pakme (Marty Donnelly),