“The Simple Message of Loving Kindness” by Christopher


It’s possible we are on the verge of something quite profound and may change our world dramatically. All from the simple message of loving kindness.

I was lucky to have been with Dharma Sangha as a cynic, atheist and spiritual blank canvas. This helped me greatly as I approached it all with an open heart and mind. What’s happening is new and exciting. It will only cause confusion if we create doubts and have expectations of Dharma Sangha. We will lose sight of the truth if we carry our spiritual or religious baggage with us. We will end up projecting what we want Dharma Sangha to be for us. All of this confusion and uncertainty can easily be alleviated if we return to the message of loving kindness and look to incorporate this into our lives. Just focus on this and Guru will guide us.

Maitri Mangalam,
United Kingdom