“Harmony” Garden and The World of Maitri


alexandra-maitri-permacultureDear Sangha, Maitri Mangalam. I would like to share my permaculture gardening experience with you all as it is directly connected to Dharma and Guru’s teachings.

I was reading one book “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” which gave me very strong and important insights about our disconnection with Mother Earth and how this was systematically done to cover, separate and make us forget our Self and our true nature of Human Beings with Maitri in the heart. These insights were supported by Guru’s words too:


“The weak way among humans, due to the Kali Yuga, has caused trust and devotion towards the soul and the Supreme Soul to disappear… Due to the convenience of temporary happiness, the feeling of Maitri has been forgotten.” (November 22, 2008)

People left their villages, land, separated from their origin and became packed in crowded, noisy and polluted towns, trying to find family, to be in love and happiness. Towns are dead places and are meant to make people lost in illusion.

Towns are also places where people can easily be controlled, manipulated and kept in fear. Very easily some beliefs and standards of life can be stated as “good, moral, pious”… Unhealthy food, slaughterhouses and the dairy industry are some of the things that people believe they need for their life and survival, and this is such a strongly implanted matrix in the mind and collective consciousness of the people.

‘System’ is also creating standards of life, education and rules of conduct. It separates human beings form Mother Earth, separates from loving kindness, destroying family life and Dharma.

What can be a good way to stop being a slave of the system, to be self sufficient, to again come in connection with nature, to develop again human qualities, to be in Loving Kindness and Unity or to awaken the forgotten feeling of Maitri?

permacultureSo all of these thoughts were cooked in my mind for some time and they slowly attracted other sources of information and also people from whom I got information and practical, experiential knowledge about permaculture gardening. Zeljka and Mario Kamhi are my dear friends who guided me to create my small “Harmony” garden.

What is Permaculture? All of you who may be interested can find out from different sources on the internet. So I will not talk here about that. It is a very complex subject.

I will share with you my personal experiences and how this gardening can be inspiration, joy and also a source of healthy food. And also one very important step to create a Dharmic, loving atmosphere in your home. And also inspire your neighbours to make their small gardens. Spend our time in contact with nature and take care of Mother Earth as well, in a way which is not harmful or aggressive for Her.

permaculture-nepalShe will reciprocate like She always does, giving and taking care of our needs, also cleaning our minds, giving us peace and filling us with pure energy. We can learn so many things from being in contact with Her.

Nepal is very often in my mind as a beautiful country which is already, by nature, prepared for permaculture or organic agriculture. Terracing in the mountain areas are perfect for this.

nepal-permaculturePermaculture or organic agriculture gardening can be a step for creating a new society where we will have enough food for everyone; food can even be free. We can plant healthy plants grown from original old seeds (not GMO), which can be produced and shared among people, also for free, like a friendly, loving exchange. Children can also be taught from early childhood how to be connected with Mother Earth and be in unity with the Source, with Dharma, with our Self and God.

Guru is teaching us:

“If one is able to establish kindness, compassion, love and friendship, not only among human beings but also the world’s movable and immovable living beings and vegetation with unity; being able to drink the nectar of friendship; being able to keep one’s life routine in incomparable loving kindness; as a result, after this life, one attains Mukti (liberation after death) and Moksha (liberation from rebirth)”. (September 10, 2012)

I hope in the future I will have more experiences. For me this is also the beginning.

Guru is here, creating our future world, Maitri World and we are happy to be here in this precious moment and participate in His lila.

So for now I wish you all good fortune and Maitri Mangalam,