How My Love for Food Became Love for Animals

Roast beef and sashimi were by far my favourite foods throughout my adult life, especially the latter which had become my staple daily diet...

“Harmony” Garden and The World of Maitri

Dear Sangha, Maitri Mangalam. I would like to share my permaculture gardening experience with you all as it is directly connected to Dharma and Guru's teachings.

Living Among Fellow Creatures

Living in tents or cottages large and small in conditions wet or dry, hot or cold, whether in the jungles of Halkhoria, the flat friendly plains of Patharkot or the cool mountain slopes of Todhkebari in Sindupalchowk, has been a feast of celebration where the body rejoices in the fresh air, the soothing breeze, the refreshing rain, awakening thunderous downpours, or simple occasional breathless quiet when it feels as if every ear in the place is spreading open just to hear more.