“My Way to the Maitri Love” by Marta

It was March 2017 when the adventure started. I had to leave India because my visa expired and I was trying to find a place in where to feed my soul with spiritual practices.

Living Beings of The Badegaun Maitri Center

The Maitri Center is a place where human beings live in peace and harmony with all other living beings, treating all equally as one without discrimination. Here groups of monkeys are passing by, hawks are circling high in the sky, deer are roaming in the forest and our resident cat and dog are playing together. Please enjoy the photos below from the Maitri Center

Living Among Fellow Creatures

Living in tents or cottages large and small in conditions wet or dry, hot or cold, whether in the jungles of Halkhoria, the flat friendly plains of Patharkot or the cool mountain slopes of Todhkebari in Sindupalchowk, has been a feast of celebration where the body rejoices in the fresh air, the soothing breeze, the refreshing rain, awakening thunderous downpours, or simple occasional breathless quiet when it feels as if every ear in the place is spreading open just to hear more.

Simple Life at The Maitri Center

With the rainy season officially started, we are all feeling very blessed to be living in this simple and truly beautiful locality of Nepal...

2016 Maitri Divas Puja in Todhkebari, Badegaun, Sindhupalchowk

We are divinely blessed to be here at this time, together. A new nameless love welled up in each heart for all the others....

Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru’s Birthday Celebration

To help celebrate the birthday of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru, we were all treated to a delicious range of vegan food including papad,...

March 2016 at The Badegaun Maitri Dharma Center

As part of the Guru’s birthday celebrations, the international sangha wanted to contribute to the food festivities by making a delicious fruit salad. Here...