March 2016 at The Badegaun Maitri Dharma Center


Making a Maitri fruit salad

As part of the Guru’s birthday celebrations, the international sangha wanted to contribute to the food festivities by making a delicious fruit salad. Here you can see our Maitri family forming a fruit salad production line!


Repairing international Sangha area after the storm

After what was a very cleansing & purifying storm, it was a wonderful bonding experience for us all to rebuild our international community area with lots of love & Maitri feelings.

Tai chi lesson

What a blessing we received to have such a beautiful Tai Chi lesson with Leon from China. We hope to see you again very soon brother for another wonderful class.

Dharma work

In the Maitri Centre, we all like to have a bit of quiet time; whether it be to meditate, reflect, contemplate, do yoga, read a book or perhaps do some sangha work as you can see here with Jyampa Pakme.

Internet access and cooling system

Life in the jungle is not always so easy – it seems there is always some purification or challenges to overcome on a daily basis. Here we see attempts at trying to cool down the internet modem device by using the fan from a rocket stove!

sangha-doing-prayersHere we can see the international sangha coming together beautifully to do their daily prayers in the international community area. Thank you everyone for shining your beautiful Maitri light outwards for all to benefit from!

Jyampa Lhaden painting

Our beautiful and talented Jyampa Lhaden was asked by one of the Guru Marga Gurus to paint a drawing that he had done of Maitri Guru. What a beautiful sharing of skills, talents and love!

Dawn at the Maitri Center

We are so very blessed to wake up to this beautiful view every day and to gaze out at this backdrop from the international community area. Thank you Guru for choosing such a beautiful and peaceful place for us all to share!

maitri-sangha-nepalInternational Sangha members come together for a brief photo opportunity prior to some of our brothers and sisters leaving for their respective countries.

Maitri Sangha

Three gorgeous girls sharing love, kindness and affection with one another in and around the international sangha community area.