Simple Life at The Maitri Center


With the rainy season officially started, we are all feeling very blessed to be living in this simple and truly beautiful locality of Nepal – thank you Guru!  With some summery flashes of the hot sun, many cool clouds and with the beautiful monsoon rain, we have all kinds of climate here which makes for a perfect setting for meritorious Sangha work, prayers and a little time for relaxation and down time.   

We now wish to share some of these moments with you here through the below photos and we hope you enjoy these with lots of love!

Maitri rainbow

During lunch, we were all quite taken with this beautiful rainbow that manifested in front the dining hall and were very surprised to see this same rainbow manifest again at lunch the very next day!

Holding Maitri flag

After a series of storms some of the Maitri flag poles were in need of tender loving care. Thankfully after this photo was taken, Marty received some help with this huge Maitri flag from his sangha brothers and sisters!


We were all very happy with our newest addition to the international Sangha, Sophie, who made herself quite at home in our communal area for a number of days.


Jyampa Lhaden absorbed in the prayers radiating the Maitri Bhav for all living beings!

Birthday celebration in a jungle

Happy Birthday Gerry! What a wonderful way to share a birthday with beautiful sangha members and a delicious ‘birthday cake’ made of vegan treats!

Absorbed in meditation

Our beautiful brother Dan absorbed in meditation – Pinky is also meditating with you brother as she opens up to receiving all your loving kindness 🙂


Some much needed rest being taken after a hard day doing meritorious Dharma work.


Sometimes we have to be a little resourceful whilst staying here at the center. Here is a perfect example of how we like to recycle and reuse where we can…… never-ending tea!


Mushrooms growing all around the Maitri Center – a nice addition to the dal, curry and rice.


Even the plants here are full of love and Maitri!

The process of purification

Most of our World Sangha understand that there are some days where you just need a bit of extra tender, love & care – this is one of those days for Jyampa Dorje 🙁

Walking the path

Marty & Gerry on the Maitri pathway together – may all beings benefit!